Our Day in Pictures

What with painting everything in my house and preparing for party season (4 birthdays in 10 weeks in this house) and home-schooling, I don’t seem to get much time to write a full blog post lately. So here is our day in pictures


We have been reading Harry Potter together, and this last week of term has been fully Harry Potter themed, so today, we flew through our work so we had time to make these brilliant wands – made out of one sheet of A4 paper! I will post a tutorial soon, I promise.


During our smoothie break, Tiger came through carrying his jar of coins. He said he wanted to pay me for a fantastic day of school *insert heart eyes*. He later appeared with his stuffed reindeer inside one of our baby carriers. Baby-wearing is ingrained in this house!



The day was not all unicorns and paper wands though. SweetPea has tonsillitis, her molars are erupting and she has ulcers in her mouth. She spent much of her day either on me or in a state of dejection.

SO the day is done, it is 4 minutes to midnight…and tomorrow it all begins again


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