Last Day of Term

We made it! We actually made it through a term of home-schooling unscathed and a little wiser. Certainly a lot closer than before.

I left Tiger in the schoolroom to wriggle and complete his last few phonics pages whilst I finished painting the playroom shelving. Bear had a creative writing exercise to do and I suggested he try working on the laptop instead of writing it out. He sat in the room with me running each line of his story by me before typing it. But it worked and we actually got 200 words of pretty readable and creative writing. Breakthrough!

SweetPea sat on my lap while I painted (no sling at the mo because of my new tattoos) and when I kept ignoring her “come and put me to sleep” whines moans requests she eventually curled up with Dharma, my daxi, and fell asleep. So sweet


I decided to have a quick coffee break before heading to work. Popped the coffee in the microwave, picked SweetPea up (she had stumbled through after me but really wanted to stay asleep) and then went to take the super-heated coffee out the microwave…never do this when you are distracted. I managed to spill the lava coffee all over my hand but did avoid SweetPea and feet. Let me just say, second degree burns hurt. A lot!!



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